Bearing Witness

Bearing Witness

The following pages detail the stories of the cadets of Kings Point, San Mateo and Pass Christian, the graduates of Kings Point and the Cadet Officer program who braved the seas and the air to carry the war to the enemy and in the process, lost their lives.

Some succumbed to illness and others to violent storms, but most fell victim to enemy fire. Some graduated from the Cadet Corps months or years before their deaths. Others were still students at the Academy. Some had witnesses to their passing; others disappeared along with their ships, leaving their fates unknown for months or years afterward. All were volunteers who freely accepted the hazards of their chosen profession.

Some are remembered by friends and family left behind.

All are be remembered by the many graduates of Kings Point who followed in their footsteps.

They should also be remembered by a grateful nation that is forever indebted to them for their sacrifice.

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Cadets and Graduates
who died during World War II


8 thoughts on “Bearing Witness

  1. Wanted to know if anybody knew my dad, Robert E. Patterson, USMMA ’44 from Kansas. Spent time on V-4s (Matagorda and Point Loma) and MV Matt Ransom.

    • I am sorry we know nothing of your father’s life; I only see in the Alumni Log that Robert Eugene Patterson,1944 is deceased.

  2. My dad was John M. Hudock, ’44. As a cadet midshipman, he served as a deck officer on the SS Metapan until she struck a mine in the Mediterranean and sank on October 1, 1943. Just this morning I found a certificate dated April, 1944, declaring him to be a member of the Tin Fish Club. Dad made a total seven cruises in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific theaters in WW II. Before he died in 1970 he reached the rank of ship’s master for Grace Line. I have some photographs from his cadet days and was wondering whether you would be interested in them.

    • Thank you for your kind offer of photos and information on your father. I knew him when I sailed with the Grace Line. He was a fine man and competent ship master.We would be pleased to receive any photos of his cadet years and the copy of the Tin Fish Club Certificate. I would place this info on the blog in the sections Voices of the graduates and Photos of graduates–the last two subjects on the blog menu board. I will send you my e-mail and postal addresses.George Ryan

  3. Hello,
    I am looking for anyone who might have information on my Grandfather Clarence J Boudreaux Z 274905. He was a Bosun’s Mate in WWII. He was said to have been on two ships that were sunk
    In WWII he was b. Dec 14 1906. Any help/info would be super!
    Happy New Year

    • I am sorry I have no information that could help you. The term Bosun’s Mate is usually a Navy or Coast Guard rating not merchant marine; but the number Z 274905 could be a Coast Guard number given to a merchant seaman with a Coast Guard issued document. Your Grandfather could have served both in the Navy or Coast Guard and the merchant marine. Good luck in your search. George

      • Thank You!
        You have opened my mind to another possibility. We always thought he was only a U.S. Merchant Marine. We have no documentation that he served in the Navy . The coast Guard however , might have been possible . Thank You again. Michelle

  4. Hello,
    I saw in an earlier post that you sailed with Grace Lines. My Grandfather was on the American Steamship Cacique 3 During WWII. 1942 -1944 can you tell me if you know of anyone who might have sailed the same ship? He was the Bos ‘n
    Last name Boudreaux. They called him Boats.. He was from Baton Rouge La also New Orleans

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