Baker, Jim ‘45


Baker, Jim ‘45

Jim was born in New London and lived on Fishers Island, CT; in 1943 when he applied to Kings Point they sent him to San Mateo for Basic Training. He was Engine cadet, he remembers cutting down eucalyptus trees there. His first cadet ship the Captain and Chief Engineer were lousy; they didn’t allow either cadet to do their sea project. When they got back to the west coats the superintendent got them on a new C-2ship where they were exempt from ship work until they finished the project. When the trip was over he was sent to Kings Point in September 1944; Jim remembers that when he turned in the project, Captain Giles Stedman gave him high praise for a perfect project. He graduated in March 1945 he shipped out but when he came ashore later that year the Navy came after him to serve so he served in the USN for two years in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.


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