Carey, Thomas Bernard Jr.

Thomas Bernard Carey, Jr.
Born: October 31, 1924
Hometown: Hartford, CT
Class: 1944
Service: Merchant Marine
Position / Rank: Engine Cadet
Date/Place of death:November 2, 1944 /U.S. Naval Hospital,
St. Albans, NY
Date/Place of burial: November 1944 /Mount Saint Benedict
Cemetery, Bloomfield, CT
Age: 20


Cadet Midshipman Thomas B. Carey signed on as Engine Cadet aboard the SS Golden Eagle on April 29, 1943 at San Francisco, CA after completing initial training at the San Mateo Basic School on April 5. The Golden Eagle, a refrigerated cargo ship, had just been delivered from its builder and was ready for its maiden voyage. On October 12, 1943, following the Golden Eagle’s arrival at New York, NY from Cardiff, Wales, Thomas Carey left the ship to begin his final training at Kings Point.

However, just a few months later, In January 1944, Thomas Carey contracted Scarlet
Fever. In the following weeks Carey appeared to improve, but complications set in. By
early April the complications had become so severe, including accumulation of fluid in
his body tissues and renal failure, that he was admitted to the Academy’s Patten
Hospital. However, his condition continued to deteriorate. On May 23, 1944, after six
weeks of treatment at Patten Hospital, Thomas Carey was transferred to the U.S. Naval
Hospital at St. Albans, NY. Although he showed some brief periods of improvement,
Carey’s condition gradually deteriorated. He died at St. Albans at 1030 on November 2,
1944. The official cause of death is listed as Acute Nephritis, a serious inflammation of
the kidneys. An autopsy was not performed at the request of Cadet Midshipman
Carey’s parents.

According to the 1930 U.S. Census, Thomas B. Carey was the only child of Thomas
Bernard and Mary Carey. Thomas’ father was a Detective in the Hartford Police

Photo that follows is of a headstone for Cadet Midshipman Thomas B. Carey, Jr.
Mount St. Benedict Cemetery, Bloomfield, CT

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