Contributions Requested

Contributions Requested

We welcome donations to the AMERICAN MARITIME HISTORY PROJECT.

We have distributed the book to graduates of the war-time classes who asked for a copy, as well as to a few major government leaders and libraries. The Alumni Foundation willgive a book to each Cadet-Midshipmen and to Academy leadership as long as supplies last.

New funds will allow us to continue to forward this book to national and regional libraries and more individuals who served during World War II and to future Cadet-Midshipmen.

Donations can be forwarded to the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation (USMMAAAF), a 501 C 3 tax exempt not for profit organization, designating that the funds be restricted for the American Maritime History Project. Send to USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation Inc., 300 Steamboat Road, Kings Point, NY 11024. You may also go on line and make contributions through the Foundation website

This project is completed; the AMHP Board  released all remaining funds to the USMMA Alumni Foundation and future aspects of this projects, if any. will be carried out by the USMMA Alumni. Thanks to all who worked on the AMHP Board  and as volunteers. 

George J. Ryan, Past Chairman, American Maritime History Project,

Class of 1957, Kings Point

5 thoughts on “Contributions Requested

  1. George; This is a wonderful effort and accomplishment. I have been looking thru it for the past hour. I’ve not gone thru all of it yet but I’m so proud of the Class of 1957 and their effort in this very worthy cause. Thanks to all of you for this effort that will last as long as there are Merchant Mariners. Joe.

  2. George, a while back, I wrote a story on my blog about animals in New York City history in which I make reference to Warren P. Marks. I came across a couple of photos of him at that time, but I could find any kind of credit with the photos. I just tonight came across your blog and was wondering if you know who I can give credit to for the photos (perhaps the American Maritime History Project?). I’ve added a link to the article about him on your blog, but I’d also like to give credit for the photos if possible. Here is the story:
    You can reach me at

  3. I am writing a book focused upon the S.S. SANTA MARGARITA, a C2-S-B1 freighter in WWII. She sailed in Convoy CU-36, and her seamen, armed guard and passengers (members of the 978th Engineer Maintenance Company, including my father) witnessed the loss of the S.S. JACKSONVILLE.

    I have a chapter focusing upon this convoy and the loss. I combine first-hand accounts with the data from NARA….including interviews with Frank Hodges, a survivor, men from the SANTA MARGARITA as well as witnesses from a number of ships in the convoy. I have several photographs, mostly taken from the SANTA MARGARITA, to illustrate the story of the convoy.

    I would like permission to use the photographs of Cadet Leroy P. Lawrence and Third assistant Engineer Robie K. Wentworth and to quote their stories as part of the chapter.

    Thank you for putting the information on line; I only hope the names with faces put a human face on the struggle by the merchant marine to keep ’em sailing.

    • I apologize for not seeing your query until today. Permission granted to use the photos and info in the book, but not any later comments on them that may have been placed in the Blog. I sailed as 3rd Mate on the Santa Margarita from Oct 1958 through June 1959. All West Coast South America.

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