I would like to advise you of an error contained in the entry for Raymond Reiche.  Ray was an engineering officer on the Badger State when that ship was lost—not a deck officer as stated on page 659.  At the Academy he was a member of the Athletic “Split-A” Section 68-160 and graduated with a Third Engineer’s license.  This fact is contained in the 1968 Kings Point Yearbook.  I was his section-mate.  The section, still a tight-knit group, has stayed in touch with Ray’s widow and daughter who have attended class reunions with us.  We have their contact information if you are interested.

Thank you for researching and compiling “Braving the Wartime Seas”—there are far too few places where the service and sacrifices of merchant mariners are recognized today in America—particularly as compared to their recognition in the U.K.

With best regards, Pat Conroy, Kings Point Class of 1968


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  1. My aunt, Frankie Daniel Hinson, was the sponsor for the Warren M Marks when it was launched. You have her listed as Mrs. E.M. Hinson. Her husband’s name was Walter M. Hinson and he was an employee of the J.A. Jones Construction Company in Brunswick, Georgia where the ship was built..

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