Dell’Aquila, Alfredo John

Alfredo John Dell’Aquila
Born: March 29, 1921
Hometown: Bayside, NY
Class: 1944
Service: USNR
Position / Rank: Assistant Engineering Officer / Ensign
Date / Place of death: May 5, 1945 / Four Miles

West of Sorido Airstrip, Biak, Indonesia
Date / Place of burial: March 23, 1952 /

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Section 85 Site 70
Age: 24


Alfredo J. Dell’Aquila was sworn in as a Midshipman, USNR on September 18, 1942.
On November 2, 1942, he signed on as Engine Cadet aboard the SS Examiner. After
at least two voyages aboard that ship he signed off in early March 1943 and returned to
Kings Point to complete his education. On September 24, 1943 he was recognized for
academic achievement. Alfredo J. Dell’Aquila graduated from the Academy on January
8, 1944, a member of section A142. After graduation Alfredo Dell’Aquila requested that
he be assigned to active duty with the Navy. His wish was granted. On March 20,
1944, he reported aboard the USS Jamestown (AGP 3), a PT Boat Tender, and was
assigned to duty as the ship’s Assistant Engineering Officer.
Ensign Alfredo Dell’Aquila, USNR was transferred to the Naval Base at Woendi, New
Guinea on May 1, 1945, for further transport to the U.S. He died four days later, on May 5,
1945, in the crash of an Army Air Corps C-54 Transport (44-9043) which crashed on take
off from the Sorido Air Strip, Biak en route to Manus Island. The remains of the crash victims were initially buried in a common grave at Biak. In 1952 the remains were exhumed and re-interred in a mass grave at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.
Ensign Alfredo J. Dell’Aquila, USNR was posthumously awarded the Asiatic-Pacific
Campaign Medal. For his merchant marine service he earned the Combat Bar, Atlantic
War Zone Bar, Mediterranean-Middle East War Zone Bar, the Victory Medal and
Presidential Testimonial Letter.
At the time of his death he was married to the former Marie C. Field of Bayside,
Queens, NY. No further information on his background could be located.

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