Donnelly, Elmer ‘44

Donnelly, Elmer ‘44

He said there were sections graduating every few weeks. As a Cadet he sailed in April 1943 making it safely across the North Atlantic but then all hell broke loose in the Med when the convoy was hit by German Wolf Pack subs. Next trip they went to Sicily. Only injury was when at anchor a German plane bombed them; he hit the deck banging up his chin badly. After graduation he sailed on the former Swedish passenger liner Kungsholm that was converted to the troopship USS John Ericsson. In the years of sailing he served in every capacity up to Chief Mate and also passed his Master’s license. Following the War he served ashore in the US and Europe with the Military Sealift Command. He attended Georgetown University with Alain DeBouthilier, ’44 and they served in MSC together. McNulty helped him get accepted into Georgetown.

Elmer’s daughter Nancy Donnelly, KP 79 said he would send more info.


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