DuChene, Roy Joseph Jr.

Roy Joseph DuChene, Jr.
Born: February 1, 1926
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Class: 1945
Service: Merchant Marine
Position / Rank: Deck Cadet
Date / Place of death: January 30, 1945 / Detroit, MI
Date / Place of burial: Unknown / Detroit, MI
Age: 18


Roy J. DuChene signed on as Deck Cadet aboard the SS Examiner on September 7,1944 at the port of New York. He signed off on or about January 15, 1945 after voyages to ports in the United Kingdom. He apparently traveled to his home in Detroit, MI and became ill. He died on January 30, 1945 at a hospital in Detroit, MI. The cause of death was listed as viral pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and nephritis.

Based on his merchant marine service aboard the SS Examiner, Cadet-Midshipman
Roy J. Duchene, Jr. would have been posthumously awarded the Atlantic War Zone
Bar, the Victory Medal and Presidential Testimonial Letter.

Roy was the youngest of Roy J. and Isabel DuChene’s two sons. Roy Sr. was a
purchasing agent for a factory in Detroit. By 1940 Roy’s older brother James was
working as a salesman at an electrical supply house. The crew lists for the SS
Examiner describe Roy as being 5′ 6″ tall and weighing 145 pounds.

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