Hart, C. H. ’45

Hart graduated from Kings Point in Section C-326 on May 4 1945. He sent photos to accompany the following story.

Charles Hart was on board the SS Cedar Mills, American Petroleum Transport Co. when the ship hit a floating mine off Taranto, Italy about November 19, 1945. He was in the boiler room when it exploded; and he was found on the top of the engine room by Third Mate Fred Welford (he was awarded the mariners Medal for the rescue). The explosion was so intense that it almost broke the vessel in two at the after end of the midships house; in fact there were only two plates on the starboard side that held the Cedar Mills together. The vessel was beached and declared a total loss. Some details are from U.S. Merchant Vessel War Casualties of WW II, by Robert M. Browning.


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