Kennedy, Donald A.

Donald Anderson Kennedy

Born: May 20, 1924
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Class: 1944
Service: Merchant Marine
Position / Rank: Engine Cadet
Date / Place of death: June 30, 1943 / Norfolk, VA
Date / Place of burial: Unknown / Calvary Cemetery,
Brooklyn, NY
Age: 19



Donald A. Kennedy signed on as Engine Cadet aboard the SS Lee Overman on June
30, 1943 at Norfolk, VA shortly after it was delivered from its builders, North Carolina
Shipbuilding. The next morning his body was found at the bottom of the ship’s #4 hold.
He was pronounced dead at 0935 on July 1, 1943. The cause of death is an accidental
fall. According to his death certificate, his remains were shipped to Brooklyn, NY for
burial at the Calvary Cemetery.

Cadet-Midshipman Donald A. Kennedy was posthumously awarded the Merchant
Marine Service Medal.

Donald Kennedy was the younger of the two sons of Raymond J. S. Kennedy and
Estelle Kennedy. He graduated from Midwood High School in Brooklyn, New York. His
brother Everett was four years older. According to the 1930 U.S. Census, Raymond
Kennedy was a railroad engineer. However, crew lists on file in several U.S. Ports
indicate that Raymond J. S. Kennedy sailed as Chief Engineer on various ships during
World War II.

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