Krepps, Phillip C. ‘42

Krepps, Phillip C. ‘42

Phil was a 1st Classman at Pennsylvania Nautical School when the school closed temporarily and he was immediately shipped out as a cadet. He was at sea as a cadet for long periods, including six weeks in England. Upon return to NY he was ordered to sit for his license. His only experience at Kings Point was the 12 days he was there to study for his license. He said that at the time he got to NY he was both ordered to the Academy and a USN Ensign came on board and told him he was a Midshipman and the Navy wanted him. After making a trip on his license and expressing interest in serving in the USN, the Navy ordered him to Pittsburgh to be sworn in as an Ensign. He spent his Navy time in the Mediterranean as Engineering Officer on small tankers, one of which was an old laker that was in the scrap yard and was retrofitted for the navy, needed due to its shallow draft.

Phil’s brothers were all Kings Pointers: Jim PNS ’38, KP’39, Craig ‘48 and Lew ’44. At one point all four also served in the Navy and Jim taught at KP for awhile.


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