Lively, John D. ‘44

Lively, John D. ‘44

Lively was roommate of Bob Herold; he had no stories to tell of military action while a cadet. On one ship they went to Liverpool, then took cargo to Oran, Algiers and over to Naples where the front line was about 50 miles away. They returned with German prisoners to Hampton Roads where the POWs were placed in rail cars and sent to inland camps. On graduation he tried to join the Navy but he was told there were too many Ensigns and it would take 6 months before he could have his commission activated; he went back to the merchant marine. On one of those trips he had signed on a Victory ship about the time the Atomic bomb was dropped but since he was on articles he stayed for the 10 month trip carrying cargo to Yokohama, some via Guam.


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