Meldrum, Harold, 1944

Meldrum, Harold, 1944

Mr. Meldrum sailed as a Deck Cadet for 7 months on the liberty ship SS Able Parker Upshur. After graduation he sailed on a City Services Fuel ship which was an old molasses tanker as 3rd mate. On his second trip he was promoted to 2nd mate. The ship traveled between NY and South America. His next ship was the SS Santa Margarita which was a big improvement over the previous ship. He started off as a Jr. third mate and when the ship arrived in Europe he was promoted to 3rd mate. On his second trip he sailed as 2nd mate. He recalled they were in a convoy and on a nice calm day he spotted a series of bubbles headed for the ship which passed under the ship where he was on watch. He yelled to the captain who was on the other side who came to his side and also saw the bubbles. Fortunately nothing happened. They brought back American prisoners of war on their return to the USA. He said the Captain didn’t talk much but one day he advised Mr. Meldrum that when the war was over to not make a career of the Merchant Marine since it was a lonely career. In 1946 he became a police officer for Wayne, Michigan and after 33 years retired as a police officer.


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