Photos from Graduates During WW II





2 thoughts on “Photos from Graduates During WW II

  1. Tom Schroeder (sp?), age 80, is searching for Claire Kean (Keane?), daughter of Jack Everheart, brother of William and WWII cadet #RobertRayEverheart, who was killed on a merchant ship. Tom would like her to have a copy of the book memorializing Kingspoint Coast Guard vets. Any living relatives of Robert Ray Everheart out there, we want you to know about this tribute honoring one of America’s heroes who died in World War II. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your help in letting families of the deceased Kings Point mariners of WW II that we have published a book about them BRAVING THE WARTIME SEAS. Tom Schroeder, Class of 1957 Kings Point, is a member of the team who produced the book. His mission is to deliver a copy of this book to the family of each fallen mariner. One correction, his surname is EVERHART NOT EVERHEART and one clarification; while each Kings Pointer earns documents awarded by the Coast Guard, these men are not considered Coast Guard vets. We look forward to hearing from a member of the Robert Ray Everhart. Thanks. George Ryan

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