Shaw, Roger ‘42 USMMCC

Shaw, Roger ‘42 USMMCC 

Notes from telcon 1/14/13

In a conversation with Roger, age 91, on 1/14/13 he said believes he met Cadet Howard Conway at the Navy Training School in Algiers. Roger graduated with his license as third mate in May, 1942. Many of Roger’s family were Bar Pilots in New Orleans and that was his career objective when he became a Maritime Commission cadet. He served on the Delmundo and Delargentina as cadet. John W. Clark, who later became president of Delta, was a mate on Delmundo and took him and other cadets under his wing to educate them. While in Buenos Aires with Clark going to the movies and dinner he had serious pain in abdomen that required him to spend his hard earned money for a cab to go back to the ship. It turned out he had to be hospitalized in BA for three weeks for an appendix operation.


Coming into port on Delargentina, Roger was told by the Navy in early 1942 (would like to know when that was and when he started at Algiers) to pack his bags, get off the ship and go to Algiers base for the navy training school to get his license since the time for sailing experience was reduced. He was berthed in the old commander’s home. There were three bedrooms with 4 cadets in each bedroom. Some were deck and some were engine candidates. (I’d like to know how many men were in the group, were they all in the same house and where did they take the classes.)


Roger’s first job as Jr. Third Mate was on the Delsantos a ship being fitted out in New York harbor. Ship was loaded then unloaded. Ship was moved to another berth (?in a different city) loaded and then unloaded since the Navy decided to requisition the ship to become an APA. Roger then was assigned to a liberty ship, name unknown, that proceeded to Persian Gulf via the Panama Canal. When he got his 2nd mate license he was on a ship (name of ship) in the Caribbean loading sugar for NY but when they got there they were sent to Europe in winter north Atlantic with summer loadline marks and no winter clothes. The gun crew was outfitted with winter clothes and one of the gun crew loan Roger his winter coat to go on watch. Roger said he had his master’s license at age 23.


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