Theodor Heidt

I spent some time on the internet looking at the history the USMMCC and the Academy, the 142, WWII service medals, etc.  And I looked over your write-up and checked the very limited information which I have.  It has been quite an experience!


The only changes I suggest making are simple ones.


  • The spelling of my father’s first name is incorrect.  It does not have an “e” at the end.  This is a very common spelling error.  I run across it often myself.  I suspect that the misspelling comes from the death certificate, which is understandable.  I was able to confirm the spelling as Theodor in two ways: my birth certificate and his grave marker.  The misspelling is in 7 places in the write-up you sent me.
  • The hometown Glendale is a neighborhood in Queens, NYC.  I’m not a New Yorker, so I’m not sure which is best.
  • I do not know the date of burial, but the location is Nassau Knolls Cemetery in Port Washington, LI, NY.
  • My mother Irene’s middle initial is M (not A).
  • My grandfather’s first name is Albert (not Alfred).   2 places
  • My grandmother’s first name is Frida (not Frieda) and her middle initial is B.

It might be possible to get more information about some things, but it might not worth the effort for this purpose.  There isn’t anyone around anymore who knows these things!  For example, my grandfather owned and/or managed a number of establishments, some notable.  I cannot verify any of them.  “Albert Heidt managed a bar and grill”, will do.  For the date of my father’s burial I guess that the cemetery would know.

Ted Heidt

(Theodor A. Heidt, Jr.)