Trzebuchowski, Thaddeus Theophilus

Thaddeus Theophilus Trzebuchowski

Born: January 29, 1919
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Class: 1941 – USMCC Cadet Officer
1940 – New York MMA
Service: Merchant Marine
Position / Rank: Chief Mate
Date / Place of death: December 11, 1943 / 40-43N,
Date / Place of burial: December 11, 1943 / Lost at
Sea — 40-43N, 71-58W
Age: 24


The S.S. Suffolk foundered and sank in a heavy gale about 20 miles south of Montauk
Point, Long Island, on December 11, 1943. There were no survivors among the 36
merchant marine crew and 6 Naval Armed Guard on board. One of those lost in the
sinking was Chief Mate Thaddeus T. Trzebuchowski, a 1941 Cadet Officer graduate of
the U.S. Merchant Marine Cadet Corps. The Suffolk was traveling between Norfolk,
Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts carrying a cargo of coal.

The vessel was able to send a last communication to shore station at midday on
December 11th, stating that the ship was foundering in the heavy weather. The Navy
sent out several vessels to try to aid the crew of the Suffolk, but these were unable to
reach the vessel. The search was abandoned several days later when neither
wreckage nor survivors had been sighted. However, at least one raft was launched
successfully from the sinking ship. On December 31st, the U.S.S. Reeves (DE 156)
came upon a raft from the Suffolk. However, the only two occupants of the raft, a Navy
gunner and a member of the crew, had died days earlier from exposure.

Thaddeus T. Trezebuchowski had previously served as Second Class Deck Cadet
aboard the TV Empire State (1939), Deck Cadet aboard the MS Exton (1940) and
Third Mate aboard the SS Gatun (1941), SS Atlantida (1941), MS Idaho (1942). Crew
lists for these ships describe him as being 5′ 7″ tall and weighing 135 pounds with his
next of kin identified as his father M. Trezebuchowski. He left at least one sibling, his
brother Francis A. Trezebuchowski who sought additional information about his
brother’s death in 1944.

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