Voices of World War II Graduates

This section is Under Construction.

The oral interviews have not all been verified by review from the responders. The stories are the voices of men who wanted to talk about their experiences aboard U.S. Merchant and Naval Ships during WW II. They are privileged statements and are not to be quoted.

There are other sources for quotes from the graduates including:

George J. Billy and Christine M. Billy, Merchant Mariners at War, An Oral History of WW II

Gerald Reminick, Patriots and Heroes, True Stories of the U.S. Merchant Marine in WW II


Baist, George H.  1944

Baker, Jim ‘45

Bonnabel, Henry ‘44

Brinson, Robert J., 1943

Chisholm, William R. ’45

DeGhetto, Kenneth A. ’43

Donnelly, Elmer ‘44

Early, Gerald C. ’43

Elliott, Earnest W.  ‘44

Fallon, John (Jack) F.  1944, Section B-346

Figari, Captain William V. ’42

Ford, C. Quentin ‘44

Hale, George   ‘44

Hansen, Gaylord  E.  ’45 not finished

Hart, C. H. ’45 file has photos of survivors

Helgesen, Captain Henry N.

Herold, Robert ‘44

Johnsen, Erik ’45

Johnson, Dale ’44

Kavanagh, Ed ‘44

Kalpousos, David S. ‘44

Kelahan, J. Richard ‘42

Kelly, Patrick R.  ’43 

King, Tom

Krepps, Phillip C. ‘42

Lively John D. ‘44

Mahoney, Joseph M. ‘43

Meldrum, Harold, 1944

Nicholes, Captain Walter S.    ‘44

Nixon, Thomas F. ‘44

Orndorff, Henry R. ‘44

Passell, Laurence ‘45

Prescott, Lloyd ‘46

Quidort, Eugene C.  (’44 or ’45 if he graduated )

Risk, James L. ’42 

Riley, Harry S.  ‘44

Roewe, Jr., George J.  ‘45

Rogow, Melvin B. ‘44

Saul, Captain Thomas J. ’45

Seiberlich, Carl, RADM USN ’43

Scarborough, Robert ‘44

Searby, Arthur ‘43

Shaw, Roger 42

Snider, Paul G. ’44 

Torf, Philip M.  ‘44

Varga, Frank ‘43

Weinberger, Jack 1944

Woodrow, John S. ‘44















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