Woodrow, John S. ‘44

Woodrow, John S. ‘44

Woodrow, John S. ‘44

He joined the Corps in June of 1942, and was sent to the Basic School at New Orleans, the address was: U.S. Merchant Marine Cadet Basic School, Old Spanish Fort, Bayou Saint John, New Orleans, Louisiana. The District Cadet Training Instructor leased land and berthed the North Star and a 120-foot houseboat at that location. Old Civilian Conservation Corps buildings were reassembled on the site.


After basic training Mr. Woodrow sailed on the MV Cape St. George as a Cadet on August 14, 1942; on the first trip they left Baltimore and went to Abadan in the Persian Gulf. He returned to the U.S. on May 14, 1943. He was transferred as a Cadet to the USAT Sea Train Texas for two voyages to Liverpool, England and North Africa and was discharged on September 21, 1943. After that, he was assigned to the Basic School at Pass Christian, Mississippi, as an “Advanced Cadet Special” to finish out studies, and pass on his experiences to the basic cadets. There were only ten or twelve of them in that Special category.


When his study time was over, he sat for his license. He received the license, walked out the door; and before leaving the building ran into the captain of the Cape St. George. He took his arm, walked him over to the Waterman Steamship Company and signed him on the St. George as Third Assistant Engineer. With the exception of one four-month voyage as 3rd Asst. on the MV American Press he stayed on the St. George until December 18, 1945, when the ship was sold out from under him, and he went home to Michigan.


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