Braving the Wartime Seas:

A Tribute to the Cadets and Graduates of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Who Died during World War II

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We have completed the research and the book Braving the Wartime Seas has been  published by Xlibris. You may purchase the book directly from Xlibris or from Amazon and major book sellers.

The following Introduction and Acknowledgement describes the American Maritime History Project (AMHP). The book has a section for each of the Cadet Midshipmen, Cadet Officers and U.S. Maritime Commission Cadets and Graduates, who as part of the U.S. Maritime Commission programs, died during World War II.

We welcome comments, photographs and personal stories from families of the men and their shipmates/classmates.  New material may be entered into this blog since the book has been published

We also welcome donations to the AMERICAN MARITIME HISTORY PROJECT.

Donations can be forwarded to the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation (USMMAAAF),  a 501 C 3 tax exempt not for profit organization, designating that the funds be restricted for the American Maritime History Project. Send  to:

USMMA Alumni Foundation Inc.,14 Bond Street, #1000, Great Neck, NY 11021

These funds will allow us to  forward this material to national and regional libraries and many individuals who need to know the importance of the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine and Kings Point. We mailed a copy of the book to each of the surviving Cadet-Midshipmen and graduates who Braved the Wartime Seas in WWII and who request a book.

This project is completed. The AMHP Board released all remaining funds and ownership of the rights to the published books to the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation, Inc.

George J. Ryan, Past Chairman, American Maritime History Project, 

Class of 1957, Kings Point